Payment Processing Solutions

Get EMV Ready

Rev Chip Apple Pay image

RevChip is today’s most comprehensive EMV Level 3 software for payment terminals. Its features have been shaped through years of field experience. Benefits not only include essentials like EMV liability protection for merchants and PCI scope reduction for POS systems, but also valuable new merchant programs like Apple Pay. Runs on Verifone & Ingenico devices, tailored to the complex requirements of the U.S. market.

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EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the technology behind that tiny microchip that’s showing up on new credit and debit cards everywhere in the U.S. This tiny little chip has huge benefits when it comes to protecting against fraud for card-present transactions. It offers better data security than magnetic stripe transactions and makes counterfeiting a card next to impossible.

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Payment Gateways

NMI Quickbooks Sync Pay

Network Merchants, LLC (NMI) builds e-commerce payment gateways for companies that want to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world. With an exceptional team of software engineers, NMI created, maintains and delivers a substantial suite of payment solutions through a unique channel of distribution. The Quickbooks SyncPay feature is very popular as it allows merchants to process gateway transactions, make entries and mark transactions never having to leave the Quickbooks environment.

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Authorize.Net Payment Gateway provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line. The payment gateway offers many features and options that can be tailored to specific merchant business models.

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Bill Payment Solutions

Bill and Pay Payment Solution

Bill & Pay is a complete invoicing and payment solution that will streamline your accounts receivable process. For QuickBooks and XERO users, our Premium solution includes an automated sync of customers, invoices, payments and more. Our Enterprise solution can work with any system. Accept e-Checks/ACH and Credit Cards for one-time payments or recurring variable payments. Use the Credit Card Merchant Account of your choice.

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Rent Share Payment Solution

Rent Share is used by large property management companies all the way down to small landlords with just a single renter. RentShare works with your current system for rent collection, whether you’re managing rent for 10,000 units or just one. Quickbooks integration and Excel exports are available out of the box. Plus, we can integrate with most major property management and accounting solutions by request. Easily create new invoices or add line items to existing invoices, including security deposits, pet fees, and utilities.

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Splitit Payment Installment Service

Splitit is driving growth in the credit card industry by enabling merchants to offer consumers the ability to purchase goods and services through interest-free installments on their existing credit cards, without assuming any credit risk. By offering our patent-protected technology directly to your customers, you are demonstrating your commitment to bringing them innovative, profit driving products and services.

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Rewards & Gift Cards

The Electronic Gift Card is the most rapidly-growing merchant product of all time. Nine out of ten big-name national retailers have switched to plastic and proven its impact on sales. In just the last two years, gift card sales have out sold traditional paper gift certificates $75 billion versus $6 billion. And it’s all cash, sitting in bank accounts like yours, collecting interest and providing capital for your business. Focus Financial Solutions provide you with gift card options designed for any size merchants who are looking for a simple, low-cost way to get started on a high-quality gift card program on up to a to a fully customized set up package. Gift Cards can be used for many reasons, not only as a gift. So how can it benefit your business?

Valutec Gift Cards

Valutec Gift Cards is a full service gift & loyalty card solutions provider. For over 10 years, we have served as an industry leader in pre-packaged and custom gift card programs and merchandising tools. Our focus is on maximizing the return on investment for each merchant program by providing the right tools for the job and the information needed to make your program a success.

Valutec Power of the Card from FFS


RepeatRewards will jump-start your marketing efforts by keeping your customers coming back, keeping your customers buying from you all while giving them something to look forward to when they visit. Build a stronger relationship between you and your customer by thanking and acknowledging them for their patronage using RepeatRewards.

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Donor & Fundraising Online Services

donor and fundrasing

With 24giving create online fundraising campaigns, collect donations, run events and communicate with your donors. It’s the easy, streamlined way to see your database automatically grow with each transaction made.

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Mobile Payments

iPhone credit card processing.

Wireless Credit Card machines and smartphone credit card swipe devices allow mobile merchants access to the same credit card authorization networks as retail businesses. You are no longer are limited to just cash or check payments. Our mobile solutions provide businesses with secure transaction processing using all the major data networks. Most importantly, for your business, this solution will increase your profits as your business will receive the best prices for face to face transactions.

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Gateway graphic image.

Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of transaction processing today. This type of transaction or "card-not-present" transaction requires a special type of merchant account. Most credit card companies use special criteria to assess risk and they have a different fee structure because you never physically see the card.

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Virtual Terminal anywhere.

If you run a mail order, wholesale, manufacturing or take credit card payments over the phone, you are what the industry calls a MOTO account. Essentially you collect credit cards in an environment where the customer is not physically present at the time of purchase. Another term for MOTO is "card not present". FFS provides a wide variety of solutions from equipment to software that will best fit your business. The most effective solution is our “virtual terminal”. It is a secure web based solution guaranteed to satisfy all your needs with robust reporting, easy integration with mail order software solutions and many additional features.

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At the check out

FFS offers a wide variety of payment solutions for restaurants (Point of Sale, Pay at the Table or Counter Sales). Our credit card processing platforms have the flexibility to integrate with all the major restaurant management solutions. Enhanced features include tip-editing and tab forwarding. We also support hardware platforms that include VeriFone Tranz® or Omni®, Hypercom® and Lipman Nurit® and more.

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Hotel Check in

FFS understands the unique needs and requirements of the Hospitality Industry. We are fortunate enough to have teamed up with one of the leading processors in the industry’s Hospitality Division. Our relationship allows us to offer you the most reliable and cost effective processing solution in the industry today.

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At the check out

If you’re in the retail industry, credit and/or debit card transactions are most likely a large part of your business. FFS provides fast card authorizations and credit card terminals that don’t take up too much of your valuable counter space.

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Use ACH processing for check writing.


  • Elimination of time and cost involved in depositing checks.
  • Consistent availability of funds on a timely basis, even during vacation, illness, or business trips.
  • Elimination of the possibility of lost or stolen checks.
  • Convenience of not having to write checks.
  • Elimination of postage expense and the risk of late payments.
  • Establishment of excellent payment and credit records.


  • Reduction of administration and operating expenses.
  • Human resource efficiencies.
  • Reduction of clerical cost for account reconciliation.
  • Elimination of stop payment charges and check reissue costs.
  • Accelerated availability of funds.
  • Better cash management forecasting.
  • Improved business relationships.
  • Certainty of delivery.
  • Reduction of bank service charges.
  • Reduction in check fraud.

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